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The 'Path Made Clear' Journey Begins

The 'Path Made Clear' Journey Begins

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu

We've always wanted to do something that inspires people. You may ask, how can products inspire people? It's about more than inspiring products for us. What we hope to offer with Path Made Clear is a platform for people to share life experiences and encourage one another. Yes, Carrie and I are designers. We believe visual images and messages have the power to engage our minds and capture our emotions. But, we're also a man and a woman; husband and a wife; dad and a mom; son and a daughter; and professional employees trying to navigate lives that sometimes feel like they are a bit more than we can handle. How can we keep our peace amongst the complexities, busyness and events in our lives that seem out of our control? This is the catalyst for Path Made Clear.


Today is April 5, 2020 and as I write this the entire world is engaged in fighting the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus. Across the United States many industries have been halted; businesses forced to shut down; and millions of workers laid off. In fact, my wife Carrie is one of those suddenly unemployed. Some people think we are crazy for pursuing Path Made Clear at a time of crisis when fewer people are in the market for t-shirts, mugs or prints. But this is personal for us; this is our dream. And just like so many others, we are fighting for our dream and our livelihoods. In reality, starting a new venture like this means we likely won't make money any time soon. But, that's not the primary reason we're in this. The opportunity to identify with, encourage and inspire other people is an opportunity we're not ready to pass up - especially now.


As we embark on this mission, we hope you'll join with us. You can do that by connecting with us on social media and subscribing to our mailing list.

Most sincerely, Aaron.

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