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Announcing Our Newest Collection of Women's Shirts & Mugs

Announcing Our Newest Collection of Women's Shirts & Mugs

This week, Carrie and I launched our newest collection of inspiring women's shirts and mugs.

When we started Path Made Clear last April, we did it with a mission to encourage women and moms facing adversity and coping with challenges like anxiety, rejection, betrayal, trauma and self-doubt. We believed in the power of simple truths to remind us of who we are and wanted to put something positive out into the world that would encourage people like us.

Light In the Darkness

What we could never have predicted was just how urgent our mission would become. As the world coped with the outbreak of COVID-19, Carrie, along with millions of Americans, faced layoffs at work and looming uncertainties at home surrounding the health and wellbeing of our family.

Designs that declared 'Courage is Contagious,' 'It Is Well With My Soul' and 'Not Afraid' empowered and reminded each of us to 'Choose Love' over fear.

New Messages of Hope

As months passed and COVID-19 raged on, Carrie and I began considering what new affirmations we could offer that might reframe our perspectives and somehow make a difference in our lives. Today, I'd like to announce our newest designs with messages including:

Today, a little over three months since starting Path Made Clear, we are proud to be a source of ongoing inspiration for a community of approximately 500 women on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We're excited to continue growing this community and eager to see how the Path Made Clear community will respond to our new collection available our website and Etsy beginning the week of July 27th.

With gratitude, Aaron.

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