Our Story

Path Made Clear Founders

Today, moms and dads face historic levels of stress and anxiety as we balance our family lives, careers and relationships. Modern life moves fast and offers few opportunities for rest or reflection. When difficulties come, our worn out souls can feel tired and neglected.

Path Made Clear offers timely encouragement for moms and dads navigating the pressures of modern life.

Path Made Clear was founded by Carrie and Aaron, the mom and dad of a blended family. Beyond the challenges of everyday life, Carrie and Aaron have experienced betrayal, divorce, crisis and loss. Like you, they sought comfort in eternal wisdom and inspiration.

Path Made Clear offers inspiring products that include artistic illustrations and well-crafted typographical messages.

Carrie and Aaron believe that words and images have the power to engage our hearts and capture our emotions. Their products are designed for those who seek to live with purpose, deepen their relationships, and find joy inside the busyness and struggle.